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Commonly Asked Questions

Why choose Web Pay Business?

Shopping online is the fastest and most convenient way for your clients to shop and pay immediately for your products and services. Offering Web Pay to your client’s will increase your business sales and enhance your customer experience and interactivity.

Will my sale receipts be deposited to a local Bahamian bank?

Yes. All purchases are processed  by Fidelity Bank and deposited to your existing business account.

Do I have to open a Fidelity Bank Account?

No. Fidelity Bank is the official payment processing bank, but  you can keep existing business account and your proceeds will be transferred through ACH to your bank, or you can elect to access four funds via a Fidelity Prepaid Mastercard.

Do I need to have an ecommerce website to purchase your Web Pay package?

Yes. Your will need to have an ecommerce website. IF you don’t have an ecommerce website no worries we can design and develop an online store for your business. Please complete this eCommerce Website Request form.

What is the difference between Web Pay Business & Web Pay Web Designers package?

Both packages are used for online payment processing. However, the Business package comes with full installation services and support provided by our web development team, while the Web Designer’s package is sold exclusive to web designers and developers who are responsible for it’s installation.

How do I get started?

For your convenience you can purchase the Web Pay package online now.
Click here to buy the Business Package
Click here for the Web Designer’s Package



This package include TriPoint’s Communication payment gateway bundle software, website evaluation, software installation and integration, products and categories set-up, and testing and 30 days support. Monthly ecommerce website maintenance is available. Additionally, for businesses without an e commerce will can provide a quick quote..



Web Pay Web Designer package is designed exclusively for web designers and other related professionals. It comes with payment gateway bundle software, and client’s website evaluation to determine the correct software needed.